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Vivex PDA Printer Image - High Resolution

Vivex Roll to Roll Printers

For 2013 we are releasing NEW!!! 1.6 and 2.0 metre wide Printers
 they can be used for almost any application you like! Various Solvents,  UVLED,  Dye, ??
The Australian Printing, Graphics and Signmaking industries have seen massive changes as technology
encroaches on all aspects of these businesses.
PDA is committed to providing tools that are aimed at using this
new technology in making your business more efficient and more profitable.
Think about it, “our” clients tell us
Digital Print manufacturing is easily the most profitable part of their
Consider that you can have a 1.6, 2.0, 1.9, 2.6 or 3.3 metre wide Hi-Res High Production inkjet printer are now available with Full Solvent, UV cured, Eco Low Odour Inks and dye applications


Vivex 2600 versatile and a great addition for high quality banner
 and larger point of sale production. 


Vivex PDA Printer Image - High Resolution

Our NEW!!! VIVEX 1600 or 2000 Roll to Roll
highlites and specifications are listed below.






Vivex 3300 Roll to Roll with heated air drying system
the same resolution as the smaller models but BIGGER!
for serious sized production.




Brilliant High Resolution Printing

Vivex Printers now come standard with 8pl high quality stainless steel print heads. On special order they can be configured with other quantities or types of print heads which allow slightly lower resolution AND much higher production while maintaining low costs. The newest Ricoh Gen 4, GEN 5 and Proprietory print heads.

RIP Software

The Vivex Color Print Server RIP comes with a full compliment of profiling and spot colour management

ColorRIP Rip Software

Exceptional Production Rates

Printers already installed in Australia are running at production rates up to 35 smph and have been usedfor high resolution and high production work covering point of sale posters through to truck curtains.
(the best quality truck curtains you will ever see) Using alternative head configurations Vivex printers in

other countries are in production at both 50 and 90 smph for specialised paper poster and billboard
applications! You have the option of customizing your printer for "your" application!

VERY Affordable Cost of Ownership

The Vivex printer uses precision industrial print heads that have tough stainless steel nozzle plates, whenyou combine that with our economical Vivex inks and the very attractive printer price, you have a printersolution that can not be beaten. PDA have a solution for all types of larger format graphics printing companies, our Flatbed options offer industry leading resolution and production rates with the advantage of direct to rigid media printing from 1200 x 1600 to 1600 x 2500 sheets sizes.

Japanese Precision Bearings and AC Servos – Intelligent Diagnostic Software – Industrial Quality Printheads



All Steel Construction – Precision CNC Fabrication – High Durability Finishes – No more Plastic Printers

Steel Construction

Heavy Duty Media Transport

Roll weights up to 100 kgs can be accomodated. Automatic takeup and feed system with user selectable winding


Vivex Inks

Full Solvent Inks made for signage. Vivid Outdoor Colour, Durable Outdoor Life
3 Litre Bulk ink tank and waste ink tank with level sensors and alarms.
Now also availbale with UV Cured and ECO Low Odour Solvent Inks.

3 Litre Ink

High precision print plate assembly provides location and adjustment for up to 24 Industrial strength

High Precision Print Heads

An active negative pressure and balance pressure ink systems, all pressure levels are software controlled.
This ensures high-quality printing at the highest possible production rates.


User Friendly Colour LCD control panel with built in diagnostics.

User Friendly Keypad with colour LCD

Three Platten Heaters if required on some models

A pre-heating plate provides pre-treatment for media then a middle heating plate increases ink absorption
followed by post-heating which accelerates the drying process assisted by fans blowing air onto the print.


Three 3 Platten Heaters

Precise Platen

Platen with variable vacuum and a large number of media feeding pinch rollers for precise printing.

Vacuum Platen

Safety warning buzzers and lights.

Two emergency stop buttons assist in safe operation.

Control Panel

Vivex Printers are not like many light weight plastic printers
all steel construction and steel panels mean this is a substantial solid product, finish is
medical/instrument standard. Examples of printer weights below.