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Vivex GUVLed Printers

Vivex GUV-LED Roll to Roll
The next revolution has arrived

Widths available  1600mm – 1900mm – 2500mm – 3200mm


Why Consider UV-LED?
LEDs are very quiet
LEDs start up instantly

LEDs produce no ozone
LEDs contain no mercury
LEDs don’t break like glass lamps
LEDs have 30 times the life of UV Arc Lamps

LEDs use 1 seventh the power of UV Arc Lamps
LED cured images are durable for outdoor use no lamination required


UV-LED InkJet applications – just imagine
White + Colour – print bright images on coloured medias
 Varnish clear coat – for special highlite and texture effects
Sandwich White – print 3 layers in one go for window displays
Day and Night – get the same colour contrast backlit and front lit

Emboss – flat images are boring, create textured images for special effects
Sandwich White+Black – the ultimate double sided blockout prints

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