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Vivex™ a unique approach with Australian origins.

 Why consider Product Distribution Australia Pty Ltd?

“PDA is a specialized supplier of high performance products. Our success is built on a strong foundation of innovation, quality, versatility and service.  It is our objective to provide our customers with unique products that will help them lead in the markets they serve.
Many of our clients have bought up to five generations of products from PDA over 40 years, we do not mince words, you get the real story!”

Lesyk cutting blades are now available from PDA.
Superior Blades using higher grade carbide material
Zund, Esko Kongsberg, Aristo, DYSS, Agfa Acorta and Elitron cutting
Lesyk have provided research & development and superior blades for over 30 years.

1500+ Blade types, with standard and superior types of carbide and improved angles,

We are building additional stocks now.
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for current stock information or to advise blades you would like us to stock.
email  or text/call 0408 363 932.
stock blades available next day by express post
nonstock 7-10 days
payment by bank transfer on invoice.

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DYSS X7 “Industrial Strength Automated Cutting”
Unique configurations for efficient and ergonomic production
8 x 4 – Print Landscape – Cut Landscape – Easy Loading – Easy Unloading
2600 wide x 1600 deep for ideal media fit, loading and unloading
Print and Cut – Efficiently, two up 60×40 sheets (1520 x 1020)
(unlike other brands)

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