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DYSS Cutting Tables

DYSS X7 Superbly engineered Digital Cutting Tables and Auto Loaders

Need Blades for your Digital Cutting Table?

Superior Blades for
Zund, Esko Kongsberg, Aristo, DYSS, Agfa Acorta and Elitron cutting tables.

1500+ Blade types, with standard and superior types of carbide and improved angles,

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Click Here for Aristo Agfa Acorta Oce Esko Kongsberg Elitron Zund Blades

NEW!!!  X5 Cutting Tables, flexible compact and affordable!
 Cutting edge digital finishing for maximum productivity.x7c2600sml

With the growth of digital printing comes even shorter production runs and faster delivery times creating bottlenecks in the finishing department. The traditional use of cutter and  the “knife” for trimming and finishing becomes more costly with mistakes and reruns. This is time consuming and expensive, quality control becomes a problem under pressure. Finishing is the final component of the process and for many the last area where investment is made – the industry is changing..

The new X7 digital die cutting system will maximise your quality and productivity. Precise, efficient, camera guided, routing and cutting will automate your finishing, reducing mistakes and keeping labour down to the absolute minimum.

The X7 delivers the ability to handle all varieties of common display and new emerging materials. Whether you are cutting vinyl, textiles, papers, card or undrtaking cardboard engineering with complex fold/crease/scoring patterns the X& offers all effortlessly and efficiently.

The build quality of the X7 is fundamental to the precise operation of  it’s many specialised cutting tools including the 1kw precision router. It provides a stable  platform for long term reliable performance.

The X7 is world class when it comes to speed and accuracy. It stands alone in construction and strenth as a sound investment fo today and your future production needs.


X7 Features and Benefits

• Precise high speed cutting of materials up to 2.6 meters wide, including rolls of unlimited length

• Precision cutting of jobs longer than the table with the automatic roll feed and conveyor system.

• Sheet/board feeder and hopper allow for continuous production in a busy working environment.

• Touch-N-Go! Easy tool leveling system. It enables all tools to calibrate height offset automatically.

• Option of an extension conveyor increases work flow by allowing the removal of complex cut shapes whilst cutting continues.

• Printing and media distortions are present in all jobs. i-cut ® or OptiSCOUT™ efficiently records these non-uniform distortions and calculates new optimized cut paths thus giving precise results time and time again. This reduces waste and enhances quality.

• The new i-cut® or OptiSCOUT™ software allows the operator to select the material they are cutting and to have the option to visualize recommended tools with optimized cutting speeds. This adds efficiency and support to the operator when testing and working with new and unfamiliar materials.

• DYSS workflow has many features. One uses the latest workflow integration software pioneered by MGE – such as the revolutionary i-script® RIP-to-cut interface tool and the new ai-cut™ plug-in tool developed for adobe illustrator.

• Cutting paths are stored and recalled using bar codes on the printed job resulting in fewer mistakes and time being wasted in production; true work flow designed for today and the future.


NEW!!!  X5 A compact Precision cutting table, sizes up to 2550×1350



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