Supplying all types of Printers, UV, Led, Solvent, Textile and Cutting Tools

PDA to stock Lesyk blades in Australia 


Lesyk cutting blades now available from PDA.
Blades for
Zund, Esko, Aristo, DYSS and Elitron cutting tables.

Lesyk have provided research & development and superior blades 
for over 30 years.

1500+ Blade types, using standard and superior carbides and improved angles,

We are building stocks now.
Call me today with the part numbers you would like us to stock.
Call Keith 0408 363 932.

We have access to a huge range of Cutting Tools and
Vivex UV LED, Textile and solvent ink printers
and all sizes of DYSS cutting tables

A NEW range of high production direct to textile printers
NOW available, call.

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●Large-format Flatbed Inkjet Printer with quality production at 30-50 smph
●Fixed or Movable Printing Gantry Designed for Heavy Substrates

●UV-LED Curing Technology Compatible with a Wide Range of Substrates
●Roll to Roll and Hybrids of many types and sizes

Printers Roll to Roll SE-16 SolventPrinters 1600UVLed
●CMYK(LcLm)(WW)(VV) Ink Provided for complete flexibility
●Japanese Industrial-strength, High Precision & High Speed Print Heads
●Calibration stability and print quality that is unmatched

Printers UV LED 3200 GUV32Hybrid
3200 wide Hybrid

We use the latest Ricoh Gen 4 and Gen 5 printheads
We cover UV cured, Solvent and Dyesub inks
Widths from 1900 to 3300mmn wide.

Flatbed or roll to roll, UV Lamps or liquid cooled LEDs

Cutting tables
both static and conveyor types

from 1600 square up to 3200 x 5000mm+
Fast smooth and quiet with outstanding cut quality.


Talk to me about a print and cut solution
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Demo Special

Wide Format Solvent Vivex CS 3300mm wide
ideal for quality large signage
Realestate, Car Wraps, Billboards, POS, Commercial/Industrial
One only New $65,000.00

Printers 3300 wide Solvent Vivexs33hdo

What is DIGITAL Die cutting?
visit our youtube channel "vivexatpda" for the latest videos here

Some of the tools and applications.
(We don't make kitchens!)

Our DYSS cutting tables use 20 types of "tangential" Knives, creasing rollers and routing tools to cut complex shapes in many printed medias for POS, Packaging, Labelling, Sign, Display etc etc

The revolutionary cut software can store data on the type of knife and the settings required, multiple knives can be used in the same cut job, or the same knife can be used with different settings for each cut path.

So what does Digital Die Cutting give you?
NO costly Dies, just savings in flexibility, costs and time!

DYSS X5 New Model, is now available standard or conveyor
1650 x 2550 or larger and VERY AFFORDABLE

visit vivexatpda for the latest videos here

Cutting Table X5 1316cleftfrontsml

  "Our BEST investment EVER, that's a fact!"
Read about "Peak Digital's DYSS Print and Cut Solution"click here
DYSS is the only "single supplier" fully integrated
Print and Cut Solution

Peak Digital – Andrew Robertson

Printers GF2616 UV peakgfandrew 
Peak Digital Pete Ritchie, one of the operators
"TEN times better than hand cutting"
"we bloody love it!"
DYSS X7 "Industrial Strength Automated Cutting"


Unique configurations for efficient and ergonomic production
8 x 4 – Print Landscape – Cut Landscape – Easy Loading – Easy Unloading
2600 wide x 1600 deep for ideal media fit, loading and unloading
Print and Cut – Efficiently, two up 60×40 sheets (1520 x 1020)
(unlike other brands)
High Production, High Res Hybrids 1600, 2200, 2600 AND 3200 wide
Yes guess what's possible, Landscape 3050 x 1530 or 3050 x 2040 sheets
  "What else is NEW take a look below, heaps"
Coming very soon, X5 1600×1600 conveyor graphics cutting table, the ultimate in flexibility!

NEW!!! Cutting Tables  X7 many sizes and 2600×3050 or 3200×3050
NEW!!! X5 many sizes and 1650×3050

NEW!!!  Vivex FG2500 an affordable Precision Flatbed solution

 Many more unique products coming soon, call us.

Vivex™ a unique approach with Australian origins.

 Why consider Product Distribution Australia Pty Ltd?

"PDA is a specialized supplier of high performance printers and cutting tables.

   Our success is built on a strong foundation of innovation, quality, versatility and service.

   It is our objective to provide our customers with unique products that will help them

lead in the markets they serve.

Many of our clients have bought up to five generations of cutting and printing products from PDA

we do not mince words, you get the real story!"

Call Keith Scott for more information  +61(0)408 363 932